Edition 1 + Current Edition Subscription


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Edition 1 + Current Edition Subscription
Edition 1 + Current Edition Subscription
Edition 1 + Current Edition Subscription
Edition 1 + Current Edition Subscription


Calling all monogram lovers - it's time to SHOP MONOMAIL!

This subscription includes our all-time-favorite EDITION 1 + the Current Month's Edition. Every month following, you will receive the current month's Edition.

Each Edition boasts one fabulous monogrammed product & one sometimes two other BONUS products on us (for FREE)!

This is for a subscription to our Monthly MonoMail. Your first charge will be on the day you sign up and you will receive your first shipment during the month that you sign up. You will then be charged on the first of the next month.

For example: if you sign up on August 15th for the Bundle Subscription, you will be charged on August 15th. You will receive your first shipment of Edition 1 + August's (Current Month) Edition in August. You will then be charged again on September 1st & within the month will receive September's Edition & so forth.  Your credit card will then automatically be charged on the 1st of EVERY MONTH. 

There are NO Start-Up Fees (YAY) and the price will NOT change per month (DOUBLE YAY)!

The Quantity does not change the amount of months you sign up for. It is recurring each month. If you would like 1 MonoMail every month please just choose Quantity 1. At this time, we are not able to charge for multiple months up front.

Girl, we know this has your monogram ALL over it, so, ALL SALES ARE FINAL! 

If you would like to CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION or CHANGE YOUR MONOGRAM or ADDRESS you MUST make this change and have it confirmed by us 5 days prior to the 1st. Minimum to cancel: 3 month subscription.